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What is Taco Fest?

Taco Fest is exactly what it sounds like, a festival of TACOS! Oh, and there will be music. Lots of Music. In fact, music all day long. Also, all of the bands are playing to raise money for suicide prevention charities.


That's right, a day of music and tacos for a great cause.

And it's coming to Santora's Pizza Pub and Grill!

7800 Transit Rd, Williamsville, NY 14221(716) 634-6000


Why Taco Fest?

Taco Fest actually started years ago in a high school. There wasn’t music. It was just tacos served at 10 AM after a student convinced his teacher and class to make Taco Fest a thing.


That student was a close friend of ours. He was the type of person who would get everybody to sing along if “Sweet Caroline” came on. Well, actually, he probably put it on. We [Joe and Matt] were fortunate enough to play Rock N Roll with him. The good stuff– The Beatles, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Green Day, The White Stripes, Rage Against the Machine.

In 2019, we lost our bandmate, classmate, and most of all friend.

Since then, we've wanted to start Taco Fest as a way to honor him.

All proceeds are going to the charities below!



2:00 - Goodbye Metro
3:00 - Prairie Pavement
4:00 - Vinyl 6
5:00 - Johnny & The Man Kids

6:00 - Little Liar
7:00 - DaisyChain
8:45-11 - The Rig

Not a fan of music? Well...That's weird. But

YOU MATTER! So, we've got other stuff for you too!

Margarita Bar

Corn Hole



Tacos...Lots of tacos


Sponsor The Event!

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