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Tips For Recording Videos

Filming videos for social media can be nerve-racking! Especially, if you haven't done it before. Here are some quick tips to make the filming process go smoothly.


Did that get your attention? Hopefully it did. There certainly are better hooks than "STOP!" but you get the point right? Getting someone's attention immediately on social media is important. The first 3 seconds of a video matter most. Hook your audience within the first few seconds of your Reel or TikTok, otherwise, they'll scroll away.

It's not a bad idea to have a list of hooks printed out for the day of filming. Crafting a great hook can take time, and you might not want to come up with them on the spot.

Here are a few templates you can use:

  • 3 Reasons you NEED to be (industry tip/strategy/product)

  •  WTHeck IS THIS!? Reacting to (Something shocking/surprising) 

  • 3 Red flags to look for in _________

  • (Industry) trends that need to die in 2021 

  • Here are 3 Signs You’re Ready to ________ 

  • This is the real reason I _________

  • 3 signs you’re ready to _________ 

  • Your _______ is probably failing for one of these 3 reasons

  •  3 Mistakes you’re probably making on/with ______ 

  • You NEED to be doing these 3 things in order to be successful on/in _______ 

  • Why is nobody talking about (industry tip)

  • You’re probably doing _______ all wrong

  • 3 ________ every _________ needs!

What to Wear

There are a few answers to the question, "What should I wear?"

Short answer:

Wear what you usually wear when interacting with your customers/clients.

Long answer:

There are some things you should think about;

What does the filming background look like?

What color is it?

Pick something with little or no pattern; it can distract or blend into a noisy background. Try to wear a highly contrasting color. When you're filming with a white background, don't wear a white shirt.

Should I change outfits for every video?

You don't have to. Very few people will say, "You're wearing the same thing!" Secondly, changing every video is a lot to be changing. Bring 2-4 shirts to swap out if you want to make one filming day look like multiple days. Choose clothing that makes you feel confident.

Also, social media is a place where you can show your more personal side of life. Maybe a tshirt will make you seem more down-to-earth and relatable. Keep in mind your clothing tells a story as well and it is part of your branding. Only YOU can determine how you want to show up for your audience.

Content not Commercials

When was the last time you watched an advertisement for fun on social media?

Can't remember?

You shouldn't. Social media is a place for content, not commercials. 

Content should be entertaining, inspiring, educating, and/or informing. You're on social media to be giving value. Remember, you have to give to get.

"Give your best information away for free" is usually the way you should be thinking for content. For a few reasons this works:

  1. The more valuable infromation you give away for free the more people trust you.

  2. If someone does not like your free content, what would make them buy your paid content? Nothing.

It feels counterintivite to give the best stuff away for free, but it does work.

Commercials in the form of Instagram Reels or TikTok videos rarely perform well. Don't be posting content that screams "Buy my product." You'll look desperate.

However, it's important to mention you should have a call to action. You want to direct your audience to take action. Something as simple as "Like and follow for more" can go a long way, but also try to get them to sign up for your email list by offering a free pdf or something.

Forget the Camera Voice

You see a camera, you know it's rolling, and now you're talking to the camera. And everyone knows you're talking to the camera.

Often, people get caught up in the fact that the recording can be replayed for the rest of eternity.

Forget about that. Here's why:

  1. No one who is winning will ever take the time to comment about the way you look, sound, or how you were moving your hands.

  2. In a group photo of yourself and your friends, who do you see first? You. People are more concerned with how they look, what's going on in their lives, and what they'll have for dinner.

Some tips to minimize the camera voice:

  1. Imagine you are talking to a close friend. 

  2. Assume the camera operator hasn't started filming.

  3. Look at the camera operator rather than the camera unless directed otherwise. (People are better looking than cameras anyway)

  4. Record more often. Practice makes perfect! Don't expect to be a pro on day one.

Thank you for reading!

We hope you found value in this blog. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or general feedback contact us on any social platform or email us at!

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