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7 Quick Tips For Facebook Marketing in 2022

Facebook has changed a lot over the past several years. As platforms change, our content strategies should as well. For the first time ever, Facebook reported that they are losing users! That doesn’t mean the platform is dying, it is still a great place to promote your business. Here are some types of content that will work well with your Facebook marketing strategy. #1. Ask Questions One of the easiest ways to get your followers engaged with your Facebook posts is by asking a question. Keep them simple. The questions should be able to be answered in a few words. Take a look below at this post below:

Try to incorporate “Fill in the blank” type questions in your content. Another great example is asking a simple yes or no question. Often those posts receive a large number of comments, which is a great way to gain traction. #2 Have Your Followers Share Photos It is no surprise people like sharing about themselves on social media. Facebook allows users to add images to comments. Often, posts asking your followers to share a picture will receive a good amount of engagement. People love sharing parts of their lives with brands they like. Just make sure you respond or they won’t share the next time you make a similar post! #3 Pin Your Posts Facebook’s pinning feature is a great way to get your followers to see important updates, events, or promotions. If you have any major promotion going on, it should be pinned to the top of your Facebook page. Pinning will ensure that anyone who visits your page will see it first. Any of those visitors help the post gain more traction. Simply put, the more people who see your post initially the more often people will see it later. Make sure this pinned post is engaging— it makes people want to like, comment, and share. This will help you get much closer to having viral content.

#4 Use Facebook Stories Stories are a relatively new feature that is gaining more traction in recent years. Initially, Facebook stories received low interaction. In 2022, the way we consume content has changed and now far more users use the feature daily.

#5 Make Video Ads Photo ads were used for many years on Facebook and they worked well. Today, most ads are in our new feeds. That means the ads need to stand out from most of the other content on Facebook. Today, people use photos more often than just posting a status update. Photos are seen all throughout our feeds. Create a moving graphic or video to separate your advertisement and gain more of your consumer’s attention. #6 Create Mobile-Friendly Content In 2022, 98% of Facebook users are on mobile devices. It is imperative that your content is designed for mobile. Any photo will be resized for PC users. Have it the other way around and your content will only look good for 2% of your fans. #7 Don’t Post Every Day With Facebook’s age and other social media platforms becoming more universal, it might not be the best strategy to post every day. Statistically, the average Facebook user will spend less time on the platform than someone using Instagram or TikTok. That means there is less time in a day for someone to see your Facebook post. If you post every day, more of your fans will miss the content. Whereas, posting fewer times in a week will allow time for your posts to be seen by more of your fans on different days. Again, if you’re creating engaging content you’ll greatly benefit from this tip. More people will engage with your post and Facebook will show it to more people. Thanks for Reading! We hope these tips help you grow your Facebook following! Stay persistent and be patient, building any community takes effort and time.

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