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10 Reasons You Need a Website

There are countless reasons to start an online presence in 2022. Here is a list of 10 reasons you need a website. Whether you need to convince yourself, or you're trying to convince your family member to get their business online these reasons will help you understand the ”why” behind owning a website.

1. 88% of Consumers Research Before Buying

It is estimated that 88% of people looking for products and services search online before buying. If you don't have a website you are losing the potential of finding all of those customers. Starting a website would guarantee more eyes on your business or brand.

Think about the last time you considered buying a product, did you search online before purchasing?

2. It’s More Professional

Having an area for customers to visit and share online looks more professional. Businesses without websites are less trustworthy and frequently, consumers will choose a business with a website over one that doesn't have one.

Customers being able to leave reviews, and see pictures allows others to make an educated decision when considering your products or services.

Websites build trust and credibility, making your brand look more professional.

3. 24/7 Advertising 

Tired of going door to door that frequently?

Websites are available for the public’s viewing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are able to constantly be showcasing your work to the world.

Realistically, your business should see growth with a beautifully designed website.

4. Websites Improve Customer Service

If customers have a question about a service or product and it can be found on your website, your solving a problem.

Take this example;

“Can I eat this food with braces?”

If you told your client that your website has all the information needed for proper hygiene and care for braces, your client will have an easier and better experience with the business.

Your goal should always be to give the best customer service possible, and having a website helps you do that. 

5. Automatic Sales

Setting up a simple shop on your website can allow you to take online orders and make more sales.

Part of your sales process can become fully automated just by having a website. It also takes care of some of the advertising too, so it’s more than just a double win!

6. Grow a Family of Customers

If you offer clients 15% off their purchase to sign up for a mailing list, you can easily grow a communication system that is personalized and makes your brand stand out.

Owning a website is a great gateway into email marketing. While email marketing can be difficult, many customers will sign up for the coupon and you will gain more business.

It helps out both you and your customers to increase contact with them.

7. More Money is Being Spent Online

More money than ever is being spent online. Why would you miss out on the opportunity to gain more business?

Again, going back to having a shop on your site that is 24/7. Your sales process online is automated. There’s very little work involved. You get notified of a sale and you either ship the product or meet the person.

People like shopping from the comfort of their homes. It’s why magazines became a thing; people could mail in purchases.

8. Your Competition is Beating You

It doesn’t matter if you own a car reselling business, cut hair, or collect bottles, if you don’t have a website, your competition is already ahead of you. They have access to that 24/7 advertising and selling. Their customer service is better than yours. They can be found more easily. They have credibility from their customer reviews. They might have a mailing list that some of your past clients use.

Don’t let this scare you into inaction. Take action today, go get a website!

9. You Become More Discoverable in Search Engines

Some search engines such as Google will often display local businesses without websites when consumers search for a term followed by “near me.” However, the results with fewer reviews, no website, and no pictures are ranked lower by these search engines.

Your ranking on search engines matters. A lot. 

Search engine optimization is very involved. Start with building a website before worrying too much about how to improve your rank further. From there, you will be able to ask customers for reviews, pictures, and more.

10. Websites Help With Branding

Have a message you're trying to convey? 

Your website should do that. Take a look at this example below: 

Robinhood is an investing platform with zero investing fees. They brand themselves as a company looking to help anyone and everyone invest. Their website is incredibly simple, branding themselves as a simple-to-use service.

Websites say a lot about businesses and brands. Be sure to take full advantage of owning a website. 

Thank you for reading!

We hope you found value in this blog. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or general feedback contact us on any social platform or email us at!

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